Cave Men and Ice Powers: Danielle Johnson

On 2012/01/23,

> I’d say it probably depends on the climate, couldn’t they just put whatever they’d want to freeze outside their cave? If the cavemen were in a generally warmer area I’d say they wouldn’t have any ice powers, unless their cave was deep and dark enough to support freezing temperatures.

–Danielle Johnson ([Danz](, [Computer Magic](

Cave Men and Ice Powers: Ryan Q North

On 2012/01/24,

> You’re not going to like my answer, but I think the answer is YES, in that we all have similar powers, simply by existing on a planet where things get cold sometimes. Put something in the Arctic and it will freeze and get generally colder.
> I remain unhelpfully yours,

—[Ryan Q. North](http:// ([Dinosaur Comics](

Cave Men and Ice Powers: Michio Kaku

On 2007/08/25:

> No one has the power to make things colder, except by mechanical means. We use
> expanding gases (e.g. in the pipes of a refrigerator or air conditioner) to cool down our food and our homes. But you cannot cool down a room without such a mechanical device.

—[Prof. Michio Kaku](